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Two Nerds Try to Define Their Terms

What is Sorting Hat Chats?

Two friends wanted to know exactly what the other meant when they said “Gryffindor.” Over hours of conversation, the Sorting Hat Chats system emerged and has delighted them ever since. 

Primaries are WHY you do things. Secondaries are HOW you do things. Primaries are not more important than secondaries; they’re just different aspects of a person.

Our quiz is one of the best introductions to our system, taking you on a “guided tour” of our content.

PODCAST EPISODE FOUR: Sorting Howl’s Moving Castle (Book & Movie)

EPISODE FOUR: SORTINGHATCHATS SORTS HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE Check out our Sorting Hat Chats podcast episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or at In the way we play this sorting game, Primary Houses are WHYcharacters do things & Secondary Houses are HOW characters do things.  If you’d like to understand the exact House definitions we’re working offContinue reading “PODCAST EPISODE FOUR: Sorting Howl’s Moving Castle (Book & Movie)”

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This page is run by Kat (improbabledragon (tumblr) and katdsundberg (twitter)) and Emily (ink-splotch (tumblr) and ejadelomax (twitter)).

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